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Today, it is the day before Christmas Eve. During my childhood I would always spend the night with my grandmother tonight and help her prepare for our families Christmas Eve together. As I got became a teenager, I didn't always keep up with this tradition. She passed away two months ago and there isn't anything I wouldn't do to be able to spend the night with her tonight. MMT

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I used to spend every New Year's Eve with my grandmother, but as I got older I didn't keep up with the tradition either. Now that she's gone, I would give anything to be able to spend that night with her. I'm sure they're both watching over us this holiday season. God bless

You both are so lucky! I never had grandparents to celebrate anything. Me and my books. Alone. Go out! There are so many old people who wish they had a loving grandson/daughter to spend and celebrate these days! I find happiness when i'm with them and able to forget my bad days. Give it a try! God bless!

Would you kill younglings to spend Christmas Eve with her?

I wasn't allowed to stay with my Mamaw on Christmas but I always stayed with her on Thanksgiving. None of the other grandkids did, it was our thing, our tradition. She's been gone for 5 years now and I wish I could just have one night with her.

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