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Today, my heart almost ripped out of my chest when I signed onto Facebook to see that he had just commented on my timeline. It’s been exactly one year, to the day, since I attended his funeral. And then I realized it was some kind of hacked account spam comment. MMT

#17178 (5) - Jan 1, 2013 by beautyofemo - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (560) - No, that made me sleepy. (38)



It was a sign. There are no coincidences....

@1# A sign that FB can be easily hacked. @OP: i'm sure he lives in you.

Had to log in just to say... WHAT THE F**K #1? Seriously? A facebook hacker is a sign? F*** you. OP, sorry for that heart wrenching moment.

How do I deserve an F you, for saying it was a sign? Its fine if you believe it was a hacker..but be open enough to realize there are other possibilities. Or you can just live in your box daxxhole.

I'm sorry. You don't deserve an F-you, I didn't realize you were just a blinded fool. Whether or not a higher power or the person themselves could contact us from "beyond" - thinking that it could happen via the internet is just stupid. You can tell me I live 'in a box' but you're the one living in a fictional book. It's fine if /you/ believe it's /not/ a hacker, but the truth is that it /was/. Feel free to live in your delusion.

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