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Today, as I sat on the floor of an orphanage in Cambodia and bottle fed one malnurished child after the other, I wondered how we exploited our access to food to the point where Americans are now paying to lose weight. Holding a 30lb eleven year old really MMT.

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Same here in my country. I'm seeing 3 year olds begging for food everyday and other people wasting food on parties and marriage. Makes me think why, a lot of those who can spare and share food and cloths, actually dont. The image of children, crying for food, is really haunting. @OP: Thank you for taking care of those children.

In America, at least since the time of Benjamin Franklin, more people die of over-eating than of starvation.

Thank you for what you're doing, and thank you for sharing this story. The impact you're making on the world inspires me, and the point you're making really should encourage all of us to think (and hopefully make a change as well!).

One of the many reasons that education and birth control are imperative. Thank you for feeding and holding them.

I'm Cambodian myself and while I don't live there now I remember how bad some kids had it. How bad some of my friends had it. Thank you.

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