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Today, my 17 year old daughter slit her wrists and nearly bled to death on our kitchen floor – I came home early by sheer luck, applied pressure to her wounds and called 911 in the nick of time. This morning the two of us got into a huge fight I told her that I doubted she would ever be as successful, academically, as her older brother... I forgot to mention that this was OK. The doctors just told me she would be fine, but the effect of my careless words MMT.

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I'm happy that your daughter is okay. Glad that you've realised your mistake too. Its okay. Everyone make mistakes! Dont worry!

Your daughter will someday appreciate that you realized the error of your ways. I hope you will do your best to show that to her--that you were wrong. One of the most painful we sons and daughters can be told by people we look up to (even if it's not outwardly apparent that we do) is that we are not enough. Please seek guidance for your daughter (especially) and even for yourself. And stay strong. Many people have been there, and are with you now.

I'm pretty sure that: 1. If you had told her it was okay, it wouldn't have healed the underlying problems and this would likely have still happened, because... 2. If her response to realizing her own flaws is suicide, there are way more issues than simple self-confidence, and... 3. You are a complete moron for pointing out those flaws knowing the impact it would have on your mentally fragile daughter OR for not knowing that your daughter is mentally fragile. The only redeeming factor here is the fact that your daughter almost dying actually stopped to make you think. Way to go, 'mom.'

#3 Oh! You are psychic? I'm going to borrow my fellow commentor's words. "There are plenty of sites to insult and be disrespectful at people. This isnt one of them. So dont be a jerk." You are free to comment. That does not give you the right to comment 'anything'. Please think of it and try to comment respectfully.

As someone who has had clinical depression for a very long time please realize that though your words may have been "the last straw", your daughters actions are the result of an illness. If you came home and found her passed out, took her to the doctors and found out she had diabetes, what would you do? Get her treatment of course - no blame, no anger, no guilt or recrimination. But since most people don't understand "mental" illness they have a difficult time responding in a rational way. Her illness causes her to think that this is an acceptable solution to minor problems. I am lucky that when I had thoughts like this, I realized that they are not the "real me" but that they come from some unknown, irrational place in my brain. Of course, I never felt this way as a teenager - must be a lot harder. There are good ways to deal with this - for her and for you. Get her help - get yourself help - immediately!! Don't think that when she is "well", everything is okay and it will all go away. Believe me, it won't. This story will truly have a sad end if all you do is blame yourself.

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