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Today, four months after the abortion, I still get upset and cry nearly every time I look at the would-be fathers picture, because his life has been completely normal since it happened. MMT

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There is a saying in our place. A man becomes father once his child is born. A woman becomes a mother even before. OP, I'm so sorry. But dont repent over it. Past is past. Hope everything turns out well.

It has been 17 years for me... Not a day that goes by that I don't reflect on it! Pray hard everyday.

I went through this too over twenty five years ago. You made the best decision Ypu could given Ypur unique point in life. Ypur sadness ofer a. loss is very normal and good , especially if it is used. with wisdom to not conceive ever again unless you are prepared to be a great mom with a supportive great father/husband. Children of our wold deserve that. Best to your healing in good time. The support of my church and counseling was great for me at that time. Now happily married to the same guy of that time for 30 years with 3 awesome kids who I was more than ready to mother too. you will creat the life of your dreams if you act with intention. Grace be with You.

Sounds like there are issues with your relationship with the "father" that you need to explore in therapy and are needlessly blaming on the abortion.

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