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Today, I had an overwhelming realization that brought me to tears… You could have fought for me in the slightest, Mom, and I would have forgiven you in a heartbeat. But now you've not been here for over half my life and I think it might be too late. The finality breaks my heart all over again, wondering how anyone could abandon their children for another partner. MMT

#18001 (3) - Apr 22, 2014 by AndSoItIs - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (269) - No, that made me sleepy. (50)



This is my MMT - but just for the record when I submitted I used the words - Mum not Mom and Woman not Partner. I'm not ashamed my mother is a Lesbian, so I'm not sure why MMT changed it.

I don't know why MMT changed it either, that seems out of character and I'm sorry that certain parts of your story were not conveyed properly. But even though we don't know the full story, it's sad nonetheless, and when I read it I was heartbroken. Readers of MMT, whether they have gay mothers or not, can still relate to the story and imagine your inspiring strength. Not all is lost.

i know how you feel it makes fonders to your personality to be abonded

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