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Today, I am honestly scared for the day that my dad takes away my guitar as a punishment, like he threatens to every day when he’s drunk. Because, expressing my feelings on the guitar is the only thing stopping me from cutting and hurting myself again. MMT

#18106 (4) - Aug 9, 2014 by druggienomore - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (360) - No, that made me sleepy. (80)



I'm so glad you've found an outlet to channel your emotions. Keep making beautiful music, even if it means without your guitar. Should the day come that he does take it away, sing, write, do whatever it takes to not hurt yourself again. I know it's hard, I'm a former cutter too, but please remember your progress you have made and use that pain to create something beautiful. You'll be glad you did. Stay strong.


You are amazing! And are strong beyond measure!

Save up for a second guitar keep it at a friends, or even just outside so you can go play it outside of the house when your guitar has been taken away (that way he won't hear the second guitar and flip)....that way... at least you're not void of expression. I don't mean to condone being sneaky, but I understand your fear.

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