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Today my duties as a high school teacher involved holding multiple of my sobbing students while they tried to deal with the aftermath of a horrific car crash that claimed the lives of 2 classmates and 3 other students. Trying to conduct any semblance of class while looking at their crying faces was not in the job description. The little girl tears staining my pale pink work blouse break my heart and MMT.

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The class that you need to conduct, in a time like this, is how to be human in the face of grief, to be welcoming of their tears and their true remorse of life lost much too soon and without notice. It's not to make them more jaded about death, or to simply "accept it" -but to practice empathy, patience, the power of hope, and celebration of life well lived until their last breath. Best to you, good teacher. You have an important purpose today, just like every other day. Namaste.

Sympathies to your students AND to you and your peers.

Thank you



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