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Today, at the train stop near the hospital a man and his 3 kids got on. The kids were loud and out of control. An annoyed passenger asked, “Is there a reason you’re letting your kids go nuts?” The man sighed and said, “The doc just told me their mother isn’t going to make it. Sorry, I’m just trying to think before I tell them.” MMT

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This is a story I read in class last week. =/

I don't want to be a "hater", or anything, but why would he say that out loud if he was trying to protect the kids? This story doesn't make sense.

*Cough Cough* this is from 7 habits of highly effective people *Cough Cough*

I've read this before in a self-help book by Steven Covey, but regardless it does MMT.

it doesnt matter if you read it before somewhere, it couldve actually happened.

Yeah and I think that since his kids were apparently loud and out of control, they wouldn't have heard him. And if they were very young they might not no what that means.

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