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Today, I saw a man and woman on a shiny new motorcycle pull up to a street corner. The man was well-groomed and the woman had dirt all over her clothes. She dismounted and pulled a cardboard sign out of her backpack. As he roared off, she sat down on the street corner and began panhandling. MMT

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Maybe I had to be there to understand what was going on, but when I first read your story, I had the impression that the man may have offered the woman a free ride.

yeah, i agree with thenovices -- it seems like the woman was given a ride. but perhaps she was just taking advantage. the real lesson here, for me, is that there are so many interesting situations like these where you can't assume what's going on. you just gotta hope its "happy," and its most likely "miscellaneous"

I remember when I was in elimentary school there was a woman who always sat on this corner begging for money-- every single day we drove to school, and without fail. I remember once my mom told me that on her way to pick us up, she'd seen a man come in a van and drop her lunch off. Granted, I didn't know the circumstances, but I was raised a cynic, so that irked me.

At least the man did a good deed. TAS, Smile-Therapy.com

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