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Today, after attending a wake for a friend's sister, I realized that the best things I ever heard said about her were said after her death. No one really knew her greatest moments until it was too late. Many of us live our entire lives never knowing how people really feel about us. MMT

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and this is the reason I try to tell people how much they mean to me when they are alive.

my best friend and then boyfriend and i were driving down a road and ended up in a resevior. within seconds of us hitting the water, he was unbuckling my seatbelt, pushing out the windshield, and pushing me out. i went back under for him once i could breathe again. he didnt make it. he had died saving me. just 5 minutes before, we were fighting about my purity: he didnt want to 'ruin' me before i was married, im religious, so i didnt care. 1 minute before, i told him i loved him. i had never said it before. he had said it to me for a long time, but told me to wait in saying it back until i meant it. he never got to say it back. i wonder if i had said it earlier if things would have ended differently

@ bamn me too.

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