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Today, I was looking through the Facebook remembrance groups of two people that died from my high school. The girl was sweet, smart, quiet and unpopular. She was killed by a drunk driver. The guy was inconsiderate, rude and popular. He was the drunk driver. His group has 602 members. Hers has 48. MMT

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This is one of the saddest things I've read on this site. It definitely makes me think.. People can be so disappointing.

ppl are..... thts just awful.

This seriously just made me cry. This is why I don't like people. :(

I signed up just to comment on how disgusted this story made me. Sad.

I can relate. Two students died within a week of each other. One drove off the road and hit a tree - this was his third totaled car and alcohol is suspected of being involved. The other commit suicide on Thanksgiving. You can guess who got a long moment of silence, cans being passed around to raise money for his funeral, and a fundraiser to give him a memorial flag. All I wish is that we were given an assembly to teach people that suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem.

This is sad, but if we just sit here and do nothing about it, what will change! Make a difference!

this is discusting :( how could anybody be so fucking heartless?

In fairness I bet those 48 students are better friends and far more sincere than the 200+ others. Quality, not quantity.

This is disgusting.

Can you tell us her name I'd like to join her group


Shows you what people really think. We humans can be so cruel to our own. And for what reason? Social standing?

that's disgusting. it really says something about what humanity is turning into, doesn't it?

yea could you tell us her name I would love to join her group.

If only people could have gotten to know her more. :( I think they should join her group anyways even if they never met her. I go to a small school and last year a boy was hit by a bus and died. Even though half the school didn't know him we all cried together. To be fair this 'rude inconsiderate popular' boy made a huge mistake by drinking and driving. But unless you REALLY know him, you can't say there is no reason for his 600 members.

Can you link us to her group? Please, this struck me and almost made me cry. I just can't stop imagining me or one of my friends being that girl because im not popular and neither are my friends and that just seems like something that could happen close to me.

What is her name? I'd like to join her group.

This made me more angry then sad. It's a twisted world when we care more about the assholes then the genuine.

People say this is disgusting but did you really know the other guy? Did you grow up with him and know how was at home? Did you really know how he was as a person? He made a mistake, but he wasn't a bad person, remember that...

all i want to know is what assholes click "that made me sleepy" it really pisses me off. I don't even think it should be there

High School is hell. It is depressing that so much emphasis is placed on such bad qualities

This comment does not make me sad, I know that the 48 following her are more important in her life, then most of the 602 people following him, that didn't even care about that guy until he died. RIP

The post made me extremely sad, the fact that people (including me) want to join her group made me regain hope that humanity isn't as disgusting as it seems.

Dig up his dead body and shit on it. Only solution.

so sad

I wish I could join her group. I know that if that had been me, I wouldn't have had a group at all. People can just be awful sometimes, you know?

Oh, that's terrible. It's so scary to think about, really.

anyone realize the guys still dead and was just a kid and your upset about Facebook groups

whats the name of her group?

Well, someone that is rude and inconsiderate to people he doesn't know is probably not a good person at home either. The people that are defending the drunk driver are probably drunk drivers themselves. If you ever make the decision to drive drunk, you are making the decision that its okay to possibly hurt other people. That is wrong. This girl did nothing to deserve to die. This drunken kid was too stupid to take anyone else into consideration and in the end faced the ultimate consequence.

wow....all of you need to think... how do you know they were both exactly as you thought of? she was unpopular? To whom? you? surely she had her own friends? and he was popular? (same) was he inconsiderate to you and others (but what bout even other poeple?) you cant just judge poeple like this... you hve to know their experiences, their upbringing, what happened to them minutes before he got drunk? you have no idea what he could have been going through. just try not to judge without thinking as if you were in their shoes. in fact that thought is applicable everywhere

Today in China, many many driver are sitll hating the rulers that forbiden people driving after driking beers, maybe that will change the opinoin after watching this message.

i wish to join her group, too.

I know that what the boy did was wrong, but the bitter feelings portrayed in the comments only leads to more hate-- an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, so-to-speak.

Faith in humanity lost...

Faith in humanity lost...

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