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Today, I realized that I could possibly be ruining the most wonderful and fulfilling relationship I have ever had just because I am afraid of something that might never happen. MMT

#231 (13) - Aug 14, 2009 by Katie - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (2514) - No, that made me sleepy. (238)



Don't give up!

Katie, it'll work out for the best. If you want something bad enough and it's meant to be, the fear you feel won't matter in the end. I hope whoever it is makes you happy in the end. Bloop.

I can so identify with this...

I wonder if I destroyed a relationship just like that, actually. I hope everything turns out well for you!

I hope everything turned out great for you. I'm in a similar situation except it's my (current ex) girlfriend that is afraid of something that might never happen. She broke up with me because of that fear. I just wish that she could see that our love can overcome anything if we were to go through it together.

Take it day by day... Life is short, unpredictable, and precious TAS, Smile-Therapy.com

I met someone a few months ago, I've grown closer to her than anyone before, and I would be willing to overcome all the difficulties to be with her but she's too afraid of something that won't ever happen; that I'd abandon her. By chance her name is also Katie.

I forgot to add... If you are in the position to take that gamble, please do so, because you have no idea how upsetting and painful it is being on the other side. Even if it doesn't work out, despite the pain, it is far better to have loved and lost than to have never been allowed to love in the first place.

Its scary how much I relate to this post because I am going through the same thing right now in my life. Its sad and scary and I have no idea how to get through it. The more I love, the more afraid I become. I don't trust and I assume everyone is just going to leave me. No matter how much he loves me. My boyfriend says things just like 'Dave' but its so hard to believe. I wish I could be given all the answers and I hope you figure them out too. Its so hard to know that you will be unhappy if you can't get past your own obstacles.

It is actually funny that you posted this, because there is a girl I know named Katie, who, for some reason is quite possibly ruining everything her and I have simply because she is letting her fears get to her. She has been hurt by all of her previous boyfriends, and jumps to conclusions with me. One can only take so much of that nonsense before they move on to something more stable.

I did this once, and never will again. The best decision I ever made was getting back together with my best friend and boyfriend :) And yeah, my name is also Katie.

dont you dare dont you even dare to sucombe to that fear- if he hadent been so afraid i would be happy, i cant keep him off my mind and its been two years. what ever you do not give in

then dont. dont give up in your fear, keep up doing wonderful things for and with your partner, you'll see that what you're doing is because you CHOOSE the wonderful things to happen for you and your partner. eventually those fears are never exist at all.

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