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Today my best friend, who just graduated with her MBA, took a job at Old Navy because she couldn't find anything else. MMT

#2394 (2) - Nov 16, 2009 by AggieTeacher - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1342) - No, that made me sleepy. (90)



It's a reality for many graduates, who assume they'll make $40,000 a year and get a corner office with a window straight out of school. If anything, it will at least teach her to respect those in lesser positions. I worked at a bookstore where many of our employees were grad students and retired teachers, very intelligent individuals, yet we were insulted by many customers who thought their jobs entitled them to abuse.

its horrible. we have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on college and some of us have to take out thousands of dollars of loans to do so. most of my friends are over $50,000 dollars in debt and some are over $100,000, we are told that our lives will be financially sound if we get our degree. They're not. its scary and because of the rise of college costs the rise of debt to pay for college is rising, This IS horrible for our economy. We are tricking our youth to go to an institution and acquire debt with the reassurance that after we receive our degrees we will be able to pay these huge sums of money back without worry. This is far from the truth and its hurting the people that strive the most to succeed in life by ruining their credit because they cant pay it back. Because they cant pay the loan companies charge more and the cycle goes on. America is going to go to shit if something doesnt happen to help the youth start off right instead of being trapped in debt before even one fifth of their life as begun.

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