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Today, my cousin died. He has been a Marine for 6 years. He fought for our country overseas on 3 separate tours in Iraq. He came home on leave 2 weeks ago and was killed by a drunk driver. MMT

#425 (20) - Aug 21, 2009 by heavenlylife - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (15060) - No, that made me sleepy. (573)



That makes me so angry..

This made my eyes water and sting. I'm so sorry for you.

My husband was a marine, and the same thing happened to a friend of his, he pushed his brother away. I'm so sorry.

Normally I can't read this site without getting a little misty eyed, but this actually made me cry. RIP to your cousin, I'm so sorry to hear that:(

My profoundest sympathy to you and to your family.

I hate how often this happens.

There was this boy i use to know in NH that just happend to.

So tragic. I'm really sorry for your family's loss.

I am so sorry for your loss... My Best Friend served 3 tours in Iraq and two in Afganistan and he hated every second of it. When his time was up he was thrilled to lead a normal life. One year later he was the designated driver for two of his friends and they had an accident and he died. Please know your cousin is in peace because quite honestly there must be somewhere better then here.

I have a friend that died in his sleep after being on two trips in Iraq in a special units group. I don't understand how they can make it through war and die so suddenly at home in something so simple.....

I created an account just to comment on this post. I am so deeply, truly sorry for your loss. This made me cry and I know how much it just sucks to lose someone you love, especially under these circumstances. I am so thankful for what the marines do for our country and my heart goes out to you and your family, may your cousin rest in peace.

When will we learn? Man, this is so frustrating to read, I am so sorry. I don't even know to respond. I'm trying to decide if I'm more mad or sad.

I hate people who drive drunk. Your friend shouldn't have died.

I usually don't have respect for American soldiers or any soldiers for that matter. The way they behave in the countries they invade sickens me, the rape, the murders. Obeying orders like dogs, justifying their actions with this very argument (orders must be followed at all costs-type of bullshit army propaganda) But dying like that is unworthy for a man, a warrior that has served 6 years on various campaigns.

Drunk driving is unforgivable in my opinion. I don't understand how people justify it to themselves. Is it really just the 'It won't be me' thing? That's sad- they should know that it's always somebody.

first think three things: 1 hes in a better place and youll see him again so dont feel too bad 2 you cant judge that driver, you have no idea what may have happened to him just before 3 if he shouldnt have died he wouldnt have

Reading the comments, I thought, "Hmm.. A list of comments I can finally agree on all the way through." But of course, that will never happen, will it? Growapair didn't need to add in his bullshite about rape, murder and mind-fucking. The unfortunately named "THINK! People THINK!" seems to think that personal trauma is an acceptable reason to get piss-drunk and then go driving. No, I don't agree with the way the military sometimes runs things. Yes, I think that trauma is terrible. But by no means would I have said anything disrespecting the military on this thread, nor would I ever see an excuse for drunk driving.

The first thing I did when I read this is put my hands to the sides of my head, sighed, and tried not to cry. This makes me so angry. My condolences, and best of luck to your family. R.I.P Hero

This is disgusting.

I'm sorry for him that he was cheated and involved in a war ended with half million deeds and millions of orphans sorry for your lost

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