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Today, he tried to call me again, and as usual, I cried. I know I can't let him back into my life because I’ve tried so many times before, and the physical and mental abuse just gets worse. But I know I'll still think of him everyday. Because I do miss my dad. MMT

#467 (12) - Aug 22, 2009 by OhmygoshitsLizz - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (2419) - No, that made me sleepy. (88)



That is so terrible

my parents divorced and now i hardly see my dad. i know he loves me so much, but the abuse he inflicted on my mom makes me so mad at him. but the truth is, i still miss my dad despite everything. i want to tell him i love him, but the guilt pain and hate just overpowers my feelings... i know i'll regret it later in the future when i'm older but im just not strong enough right now

I'm sorry.

I'm going to try to get contact with my dad again...I really just can't take this anymore, I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that things go smoothly this time.

People rarely change, Lizz. I hope you know you're still a good person without him.

I know exactly how you feel. My father abuses everyone who gets close to him. Before my parents divorce when I was ten I thought he was the greatest man alive and after begging my mother to let me move in with him, He abused me for 2 years. I havent talked to him in a year even though I know he could die any day because he has a heart condition. I know Ill feel like a horrible person when he does die, but I cant go through it again. Your story made me feel like I wasnt alone, Like I had someone who knows how it feels. I figured I should return that favor and make you feel the same.

I didnt speak to my dad for three years. It was the hardest, but best, thing I could have done. I never thought we'd talk again. After finding out he had a heart attack, I sent him a card. Now, we are beginning to be friends. Maybe we will never be father-daughter, but we can be friends. good luck.

I know Exactly how you feel. It's not fun but all you can do is move on. B/c at the end of the day you deserve to be happy, not crying over him and all the disappointment he brings.

I kinda know how you feel. My father was verbally abusive to my mother and me. In spite of that, I had moved out with him against my mother's wishes for almost two years before he was arrested. After several months of him still trying to control me and slander my mother, I cut all ties with him. It's been over a year now, and even though I miss him, I know I made the right choice. I wish you luck

Oh man! Keep us posted on how it goes trying to reconnect with him! GOD bless, I'm praying for you please let us know how it goes.

did things go smoothly this time?

My mom left with just my brother and i when i was 3. we went back and forth to Pennsylvania. as i got older my feelings for him hardened. the last time i saw him was three years ago. and he has never called. it makes me sick when i think of how a man, a so-called "father" could do this. i'm only 12 and i've learned how horrible my father is. My moms old friends that still live in PA recently told her that my dad has been lying and saying that my brother and i are growing so fast. true ,but the last picture(he takes pictures 24/7) he has of us were when we were 5 and 6. I hope that if u have a good dad you realize what other people are stuck with and don't take him for granted.

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