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Today, my water broke at my husband's funeral. MMT

#5194 (7) - Feb 24, 2010 by claire - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (12007) - No, that made me sleepy. (389)



interesting and MMT, but... i'm often skeptical of these posts where all these crazy events happen to a person in one day and they still have the time to post a little blurb about it. not only time, but how do you overcome the emotional stress to go through with this? though i imagine people only write "Today" at the beginning of the story because it's a requirement...

Yeah, I'd have to agree about the last part.. I'm pretty sure most people only use "today" to make it fit the traditional form for these sites.

It's true, I posted something without "Today" at the beginning and when it was posted on the website they had added the "Today" part. As for the post, I am deeply sorry for your loss, but congratulations on the birth of new life for you and your baby.

Life works in mysterious ways.

@nerdlogy, I'm confused why putting "today" even if it wasn't today is such a bad thing. It still happened, right? It still makes you think regardless, in my opinion.


Thats more a story for fmylife.com (FML)

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