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Today, I heard another Michael Jackson song on the radio. For the last 15 years up until the day he died, it seemed like everyone thought he was a freak. Now, all I hear are MJ songs on the radio and people calling him a musical genius. It's like the world forgot what they had until it was gone. MMT

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It's just so sad how the media had it all wrong. We didn't hate him. We loved him.

Or, now that he's gone people are convincing themselves that they like him more than they actually do.

Definitely one of the miost talented musicians ever. As a person.. he had some issues and perhaps questionable to "worship" him as he was no Mother Teresa Still a case of you don t know what you had til its gone? TS, Smile-Therapy.com

Unfortunately, I believe #2 has it right. I hate it when people starting acting like someone's biggest fan after they die, when they hardly displayed any interest before, not saying everyone is doing that, but I've noticed it with a lot of my acquaintances.

It is not the media, after all, the media is only a reflection of the society it's broadcast-ed from. I think people do that to feel better about themselves. I don't know how many times you hear someone say less than flattering things about someone, they die and those things are never brought up again. Like the things that person did never happened. They would feel terrible to talk ill of the dead.

He was a child molester. That is the end of the story. I don't care that he bought himself out of it. I don't care that he was a great musician. He was a child molester. That is the end of the story.

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