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Today, I read about Obama protestors marching down public streets carrying loaded fire-arms. These protestors were not arrested. But gay and lesbian protestors elsewhere in this country have been harassed and arrested for simply holding hands and marching in solidarity. MMT

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Neither the protestors carrying firearms, nor the peaceful gay right protestors should have been arrested. As americans we have the right to bear firearms ( its the 2nd ammendment) and the right to peaceful protest. Police should be given a history lesson.

First of all, the protesters with firearms were entirely within their rights as citizens. Last I checked, in this country we still have the right to carry firearms and protest peacefully. Nobody was violent, nobody broke the law and nobody was arrested. Also, nobody in this country can be arrested for "holding hands". If gay and lesbian protesters disturb the peace or block traffic with their marches, then it is the duty of police officers to arrest them, just like it would be to arrest the Obama protesters caused a disruption.

Way to go, Galland. Were you not aware of the police raid on a gay bar in Texas on the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion this year? The police officiers justified their use of force because patrons allegedly hit on them. Luckily, several gay men released cell phone videos of the incident, showing scared and confused patrons harassed and beaten - not the repugnant "gay panic" defense of the police. By all means, cling to your WASP persecution complex.

Why is it more acceptable to see men holding firearms than to see men holding hands?

The people carrying guns weren't being violent. Did they try to shoot anyone? No. The police had to protect the people with the firearms from all the people who were there supporting obama. The people who were there supporting obama were more violent than the people with the firearms.

Yall are assuming that the gays were being somehow voilent and disturbing the peace. If disturbing the peace = holding hands and proclaiming your love for another human being, than I'm sorry, but I need to be arrested. I'm not necessarily saying the people carrying guns should be arrested, but if you think about what the actual role of police in society is -- to protect people -- then they should have been more focused on controlling the people with guns rather than arresting the gays and lesbians.

No one should have been arrested or harrassed by the police because noone was breaking the law. The Obama protestors had every right to be displaying their firearms, as it is our constitutional right. We have a right to bear arms, just as we have a right to protest (either the goverment, or the laws against gay marriage). No one said anything about the protestors with firearms opening fire- therefore the police did not have grounds to interviene. If they had created an unsafe enviroment, then by all means, the police should have stepped in. But they were not. The gay/lesbian protestors had no reason to be harrassed either, because they too were exercising their constitutional rights.

Displaying firearms on that level, while perhaps protected by the constitution (thats a different debate) is illegal

@ lmahaney2 - you're making sh!t up.

It's funny how the people defending the police are suggesting that the gays were probably disturbing the peace. Do you honestly think that if a man (or woman) walked into the middle of Times Square and showed everybody his loaded gun, that there would still be peace? I guarantee that most of the people would start panicking.

I have donated hundreds of dollars to the NRA and GOA. I am an avid Second Amendment supporter. I will protect it and the rest of the Constitution of the United States with my life. I have also donated hundreds to gay rights activism. I have attended marches and workshops. I have protested like hell so my gay friends can be treated as equals. Please stop acting as if the world is so binary. They aren't mutually exclusive. And sam512, Open Carry laws depend on state. Educate yourself, please.

You seem to forget that such protesters beat two Christian street preachers recently, whereas, the firearm owners who were abiding by the law, have not harmed a single person, were not gathering illegally, and simply exercising their second amendement right. Simply said, you are an idiot for comparing the two. There's no other way to put it.

How about the millions of pro-life protestors that get almost no media attention and are harassed by pro-choice protestors physically standing in their way during the March for life?

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