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Today, I met someone who is making $30,000 a month selling drugs. I make less than that in a year at my legal job. MMT

#816 (9) - Sep 1, 2009 by tim - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (3123) - No, that made me sleepy. (196)



I work in the mental health field and see it all the time. That much money screwing up others lives. sad.

Punkyprincess33, depends on the drugs you're selling. Being in the mental health field, I'm sure you see lots of people on Zoloft and Xanax. If the person is selling marijuana, mushrooms, and LSD, I don't think you can argue that they're messing up people's lives even as badly as a pharmacist. If they're selling cocaine, you're on the same level as a pharmacist. If you're selling meth and crack, it's worse, but I'm not sure you'd be making 30k. Marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, and ecstasy have valid applications. Oh, and I thought you were an athlete?

I suppose you could work in mental health and be an athlete, though.

Too bad.... No wonder it's so hard to stem the trading of drugs.

But at least you don't have a live a paranoid miserable life of avoiding getting in trouble for what you are doing. And at least you don't have to live with the idea you are openly giving your customers something that *could* (not always but could) ruin their lives. Living in fear constantly makes it kinda hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

my boyfriends a drug dealer. yes, its very good money for us to live on while he isnt working because of his seasonal job. but it MMT about all the lives that are being ruined just so we can live ours.

exactly lyssa... exactly why you shouldn't do it. it's selling your soul and everyone else's soul to the devil! is it really worth it? just go to school...

Today, half a year later, maybe you'll meet him again, and he'll still make more than you. Maybe he'll just be a line in the news.

Yeah. No money is worth ruining another person's life for. Money comes and goes. Lives don't.

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