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Today, I saw my friend's facebook status say that he was going to kill himself. People, along with myself, commented immediately thinking he was joking since he was always cracking jokes. A couple hours later, his sister commented on his post stating that he passed away an hour after his post. MMT

#9092 (10) - Jul 29, 2010 by Laurena03 - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1429) - No, that made me sleepy. (39)



I always ask, just to make sure, even if I think they're kidding, even if it makes me look stupid.

I work in mental health & I try to urge people that in situations such as this, individuals should always call the police for a welfare check on the people they are worried about. It sounds scary & harsh, but it truly saves lives. I am very, very sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is hard enough without the many questions surrounding suicide.

Stupid people. I mean how they could take something so serious as a joke? Do they think his life is a joke? Maybe that is why he did it because no one ever took him seriously. Or maybe they are afraid to ask what is wrong because they feel it would be a burden. I don't know but if someone is "joking" about something serious, I would have took the time to ask what is wrong because for one, I do not see an "LOL" or a smiley face and two, because I care. Now those people are all responsible for his death. Tsk tsk...

Existtime4319: you're a stupid person. Honestly, you're saying that everyon who commented on that status is responsible for his death? Do you live under a rock? Because there are many people out there that always make jokes, and are never really serious. Sometimes, you never know what a person is really thinking. The commentors on the status knew the person a hell of a lot better than you did, so if they thought he was joking, it must've been for a good reason. If you "cared" you wouldnt have judged a bunch of people you dont even know just from a 3-line story.

Funny, if they know him better, he wouldn't be dead now, would he?

maybe they thought they new him because he was hiding that side of himself. He wanted to be seen for what he wanted to be. He joked a lot to seem happier. did not want anyone to worry about him or pitty him. but you can only keep so much pain in for so long. Also may god send his angels to comfort you and his family and anyone else who might be grieved by this tragedy.

At least maybe in the end, he finally shows other that side. It just that that statement he said on facebook doesn't even seems like a joke and perhaps he was expecting someone to take that side seriously, to accept him for who he really is. I hope that his soul is in peace and that the others who are in grief finds closure so that they can move on.

# 5 your completely wrong. you can know a person better then you know yourself and never see something like this coming. you can be friends with people for years and never expect a thing because they always seem so happy. people don't tell everyone if they are feeling that badly. they don't think they are important enough, so they don't say anything. and then something like that happens and know one knows why they said it. especially if he was known for cracking jokes. if you've ever had that happen to you, you would know.

Dont be surprised.. But the people who joke around, the class clowns, and those happy-go-lucky guys.. Those are the people who're dying inside. We just cover it up cause we're too afraid to show it.

I despise facebook.

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