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Today, at work, a woman and her young daughter came to my register. The girl was hugging her mother's leg and being very well behaved. She kept saying, “I love you mommy.” Suddenly, her mom jerked her leg and said, "Get off!" The young girl walked 15 feet behind her mother the whole way to their car. MMT

#915 (12) - Sep 6, 2009 by childhood_depression - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (12323) - No, that made me sleepy. (486)



Maybe the little girl was like nagging for something, but her mother said no, so she tried to bribe her mother with love? I see this happening frequently, where I work :P

^^ Yeah, I've seen that too....it could be possible. But if the mom was just being a total jerk to the kid, that's horrible, not to mention really sad. ):

I lost my daughter at 16, at 18 now, I would give anything to be nagged.

But still, how could a mother do this to her child? Really?

Seriously, if I had a daughter, even if she was trying to bribe me with love, I would never ever be so rude to her. Having a bad day is no excuse to be horrible to others, especially children.

#6 This is sadly a very likely situation. Some people just shouldn't be parents. To be fair I don't know the whole story, but still when that little girl is a teenager who never talks to her mom (like so many of my friends) that mom will miss times like this.

For some reason it always amazes me how judgmental people can be. Granted, the mother probably could have handled the situation better than she did, but jumping to conclusions about her character and her fitness as a parent...IS, "what is ridiculous". Hearing a conversation taken out of context can lead one to view a situation very differently than what it is in reality. It's going to be easy to cast judgment on others when one hasn't experienced the same injustice him/herself. Oh...and to those of you who haven't been mothers yet: Motherhood is very different in reality than what most of us have pictured as children. It is very wonderful! But it is also very difficult! And no one is perfect at it, all the time. Good Luck to all the mothers out there. :-)

I agree with play_al_dae that this is out of context and one has to be careful not to judge prematurely, but alas it is a fact (which I know not only from books, but from 1st- and 2nd-hand experiences) that there are many parents out there with unresolved issues, who take them out on their children (and, if push comes to shove, on other people too of course). If you are curious about this very enlightening topic, read Alice Miller's "The Drama of the Gifted Child". Peace

play_al_dae, you're jumping to conclusions, too. The poster just explained a bit of something he/she saw. The "makes me think" at the end does not mean that the poster is judgemental, or that he/she is not. It means that he/she is thinking something, and that's it.

Maybe we are missing sth as background,so it's hardly to say who is right or not.In our life,we always lost our patient,right?

whwtever. the bottom line is, she made her daughter unhappy. too bad =/

I've seen many parents having a go at their kids, for basically nothing, far too interesting in other things. It's almost like their kids are a chore, for example, one a little lad in his pram, sitting there, well behaved, he kept having a go at him, for no apparent reason, he was eating and dropped something, simply tried to tell his mom and she went mad at him, really upset the poor little guy.

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