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Today, after telling my older sister, out of anger, how much I hated her, she drove to her friend's house in a storm and got in a bad wreck. I'm sitting in the waiting room at the hospital right now, praying that I will at least get a chance to tell her I love her. MMT

#9160 (2) - Jul 31, 2010 by 15yearolddreamer - Sad - Yes, that made me think too! (1114) - No, that made me sleepy. (36)



This reminds me so much of me & my younger brother :/. I don't want him to hate me. Makes me want to love him more than I already do. But it also makes me wonder if this were to happen, would he be like this...

Hang in there. I'll say a quick prayer for you. And regardless of what happens, they will know you love them. Love doesn't die and it is something that you can reach out and touch with your spirit.

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